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Cycle of Mysteries

The Danza Duende Community

“The University of Choreosophy” (U.C.) has opened in 2017 a new central pole of the Danza Duende community. It joins in this way the evolution of a project that bears fruits since 13 years.

The Danza Duende community, created in 2004 by Yumma Mudra, is coming from her own artistic-humanist research through Dance. Since then, we have seen evolving, during twelve years of intensive laboratory, an international collective, a kind of “artistic family”.

This way the Danza Duende network found itself pionneer of the conscience in interdependence, in the frame of a free creativity. Creativity canalised towards a communal discovery of the intrinsic human wisdom, at the benefice of each in particular, but also of society in general.

A change of the naming is needed today, out of evidence. Danza Duende becomes the global name of this community of “solitaries-solidarity”. While the Choreosophy respond more precisely to a terminology describing wisdom (Sophia) of the dance (Chore).

3 Cycles - University of Choreosophy


The Choreosophy

This neologism, Choreosophy, is brought by Michel Raji who offers his experience to the Danza Duende network, since 2013.

Born “in-dance”, Raji has transformed his body with his own personal and alchemical discovery of the breath and the “Sensorium”.

Since 30 years, he has developed extraordinary keys and extremely varied tools, efficient and coherent, for the Choreosophy. His immense body of work offers an implacable coherence, which allows the student to decode little by little the essence of the form and of the non-form in oneself, and also to find ways to manifest it powerfully.

His arrival infuses a new cultural felt sense to our school. Introducing powerful and efficient scientific techniques, he unifies and vericalise more deeply the breath of our community. Re-infusing, by the same way, within the network, the proposition of a global artistic teaching, of an outstandingly precise pedagogy.

The invitation: Re-unifying human beings thanks to the dance,

Physically, mentally, with deepening “the Art of riding the Breath” .

The training in Danza Duende

Since 2004, the intensive training Danza Duende reunites tools to “Dance one’s life”. Within this vision, each activity is an art, and our lives are a dance. This dance “without form” can therefore take them all and doesn’t limit itself to “dancing”.

In fact, each is brought to develop different activities depending on their nature and their talents. The Danza Duende School, with the initiative of Yumma Mudra, has therefore inspired a whole artistic network based on synergy.

We have today, between us, actors, dancers, puppeteers, tai-chi and yoga practitioners, singers, musicians, informaticiens, fashions creators, cooks, consultants, managers, illustrators, cineastes, psychotherapists, poets… who are working a tight collaboration and use everyday Danza Duende tools at the center of their art.

Dance is a skilful mean to promote an authentic synergy. Through the complicity that our groups have felt, our artistic Danza Duende community has become expert in the development of this synergy, going through the years together, at the heart of the challenges of our time.

University of Choreosophy

The University of Choreosophy proposes three cycles of different expertise, each of two weeks duration :

The Cycle of the Dragon (in 2017) • Open to students who participated in the “Retreat of the Dragon”

The Cycle of Five (in 2018) • Open to students who participated in the “Retreat of Five”

The Cycle of Mystery (in 2019) • Open to students who have participated in one of the following retreats : “The Intimate Breath of the Sophia”, “The Alchemists of the Breath” or the “Sensorium Retreat”

Students can do 1, 2, or 3 cycles. The first cycle opens to the learning of the bases of our artistic search, the second to a certain mastery of this search and the third to the expertise itself.

“ The beginner’s mind” is at the heart of this training.

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