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Raji Choreosoph

Raji was born in Morocco and has lived in France since the age of twelve. His geographical movements have progressively drawn in himself an inner map, in which every step is that of the intiate, leading one towards universality. A dancer and choreographer with a classical and contemporary background, in 1985 he founded his own way, which he calls Choreosophy, a passage from the physical to the metaphysical.

Together, Mudra and Raji develop an intensive training, the “Sensorium,” which never settles into a system or a definitive form, but which reverses everything systematically to join the experiences of paradoxes. This “Sensorium” gradually introduces one into one’s own potential of an universal breathe , and therefore the skill to create one’s own path is enhanced. In this case, it is a Dancing Path.

Sensorium Chorésophie
University of Choreosophy - UC

“The breath of life enchanted my birth
I danced before dancing
Happy in my soul, my soul happy in life
I have entered into ‘choreosophy’
‘Choreosophy’ is my way
And I am its voice.”

Raji Choreosoph

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